NAFSA and Sustainability

NAFSA formally approved a Sustainability Member Interest Group (MIG) in May 2009. A group met at the Annual Conference in L.A. and upcoming Priorities and Goals were shared in an email on July 7. Representatives from each of NAFSA’s 11 regions were also selected to help advocate for sustainability-related sessions and initiatives locally.

NAFSA Sustainability Member Interest Group

You do NOT need to be a NAFSA member to join this network. It works a lot like Facebook in that you receive emails of others’ posts, but can only send posts through their interface.

To Join the Sustainability SIG MIG Space…

1) Log on to the NAFSA website (If you do not know whether you have a login name or you are not a member, follow the instructions on the login page found here)

2) Visit the Sustainability MIG Space (once you have successfully logged in)

3) Click Subscribe to this Network (at the bottom of the screen)

You should now be automatically directed to your Network Preferences page where you can:

* Subscribe/unsubscribe to this Network

* Choose to receive announcements via e-mail

* Join network discussion forums

* Choose the frequency of receiving forum e-mails (e.g. immediate, daily, weekly)

4) Click on Save (bottom of page) once you have selected all of your preferences

5) Click on Home icon to access resources of this MIG Space.


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