Advocacy – from learning to action


Now that you’ve returned from studying abroad, you can exponentially extend the benefit of your learning by sharing it with others. Consider what type of global sustainability advocacy activities you can engage in. Here are some ideas:

ON YOUR HOME CAMPUS: Join a social justice, human rights, fair trade, or environmental organization at your college; organize educational events and activities around global sustainability themes; or work with your study abroad office to help students going abroad to become more aware of their global footprint and how to reduce it.

Comment below to tell us about what you’re doing on your campus to raise awareness for and promote global sustainability.

IN YOUR COMMUNITY: Consider making a presentation about your “green” study abroad experience and global sustainability at a local venue, whether a school or library. You may be able to talk to representatives at these venues about arranging this directly, or if your college has a civic engagement center or Campus Compact organization, it is advisable to organize a presentation with help from the center’s staff members. through staff members there to organize.

You may also want to talk to your campus’s career center or civic engagement center/Campus Compact organization about volunteering for a community-based organization that would benefit from your intercultural or foreign language skills. For example, your college may be located in an area with a large immigrant population from a particular country. If you studied abroad in that country or speak the country’s national language, you can provide valuable assistance.

WRIT LARGE: Whether or not making presentations, organizing events, or volunteering is of interest, another critical way you can share your experiences, perspectives, and research on global sustainability is through writing an article, creating an audio report, publishing a photo essay, or producing a video/digital story.

photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc


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