Education Abroad Professionals and Faculty

The Green Passport Program aims to help education abroad advisers, directors and administrators in the field of international education, program providers, and/or international education conference organizers by giving you:

a) advice on how to ‘green’ your operations and

b) a tool to educate your students about responsible/sustainable travel principles.

We hope that the GP will also allow professionals in the field to establish a community of people who are interested in these topics. We hope  to hear from you with success stories and advice for others on how to go about ‘greening’ all aspects of programming for international education.  Contact GP at to share your experiences for a blog post here and share on the GP Facebook page as well.

Get more information about the following:



a) Pre-departure : Your students can sign up to become Green Passport Holders  before going abroad by agreeing to the Green Passport Pledge.  You may also include the article “Going Global: Sustainable Travel and Study Abroad” in your orientation materials.

b) While Studying Abroad: Students enact the principles of the Green Passport Pledge and learn about global sustainability issues.

c) Re-Entry: Green Passport Holders returning from abroad are encouraged to advocate and report by helping to educate future study abroad students about the benefits of studying abroad “green” and by helping to coordinate educational events and activities for their campus community related to sustainability in study abroad. We hope you will assist them in doing so. They are also encouraged to share their stories, photos, etc. on the GP website and via Facebook. We also hope that students can be recognized for their commitment and achievements, by for example, being mentioned in campus publications.

Once you begin participating in the Green Passport Program , we would value your feedback on any aspect of the program at any time. We are very concerned that the GP be useful to you and that it be both interesting and compelling for students, while also serving to educate and empower them. To this end, we are working on creating more educational, interactive tools and activities for pre-departure, while abroad, and re-entry. Your participation as a professional will be invaluable in helping us develop the program in an even more meaningful way.


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