Taking the GP Pledge

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What is the Pledge?

The GP Pledge is a way of focusing our attention on the goals of traveling and living abroad in a sustainable way.  By taking the Pledge (or becoming what we refer to as a “Green Passport Holder”) you are promising to do your best to enact the principles of sustainable travel while you are living and learning overseas. As a GP Holder we recommend you take actions such as reducing your carbon footprint and offsetting your flight, researching an aspect of sustainability while you’re abroad, and/or teaching or volunteering.

Why take the Pledge?

Increase your AWARENESS of the principles of sustainable travel by reading the article “Going Global: Sustainable travel and study abroad” on the Awareness page.

c) ADVOCATE for and REPORT on sustainable travel. Share what you’ve learned while you were abroad by posting your photos, articles, videos, and commentaries to the GP website. We also encourage you to take the information you’ve learned about global sustainability and the Green Passport Program back to your home campus by becoming a GP ambassador and/or giving presentations on your findings to your campus community.

By taking the pledge, we commend you for interest and dedication to the critical issues facing our planet! We hope that you will continue to be involved in the Green Passport Program when you return “home” by voicing your concerns about issues regarding the environment and social justice, especially as related to what you learned during your travels and studies abroad. We also hope that you will also be able to connect with others who have similar interests and with whom you can engage on these critical topics. Feel free to start new forum topics and user groups based on your own interests and be sure to contact us if you have recommendations for how the GP can be more useful and/or interesting for you.

*The GP Program is seeking to develop grants that will fund student research projects. Please contact us for more details.

If you are an EDUCATION ABROAD PROFESSIONAL, click on the Advisers page for more information on how to participate.


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